Strange behavior from libsoup 2.26.1 + iPhoto

I'm seeing some strange behavior from libsoup 2.26.1. I am using libsoup to implement an HTTP server that interacts with an iPhoto client. I am finding that soup-socket.c:soup_socket_read_until "gives up" right before reading the "\r\n" boundary. As a result, soup- message-io.c:read_metadata() reads, for example, GET [uri] HTTP/1.1, but not the trailing "\r\n" during the first read_until call. The next call reads the "\r\n", causing read_metadata to return before reading the rest of the header data. Eventually, this causes a "Bad Request" state.

I have added print statements throughout the code and also looked at what is going on using wireshark. As far as I can tell, the client is making a valid request. All of the header data is there, but things just don't seem to work right.

I can not figure out what is going on. Libsoup works fine with the same code (no other change).

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