about name resolving under proxy

Hi all,

I've been working on webkit, the latest version of which has chosen libsoup as its backend, and I found an issue when testing libsoup just after compilation.

First, my network environment is somewhat interesting, the DNS server isn't working actually, but fortunately there's a HTTP proxy.

The problem is, when I tried to access http://www.google.com, libsoup (or at least tests/get) tried to resolve the address of www.google.com at first, instead of connecting the proxy directly. So in this way, I can connect nowhere.

Another thing is after adding a fake entry of www.google.com in /etc/hosts, libsoup (again, or at least tests/get) works, but what it asked the proxy for was 'www.google.com' instead of the fake address.

In theory, we don't need to resolve the address if we're using a proxy, right, so I wonder if it's a bug or as designed.



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