Re: Build issues

Paul Smith wrote:
> Hi all.
> The merge of the new libsoup version has thrown a bit of a wrench into
> the gears of users of my Evolution makefile, which allows us to easily
> update and build Evo from SVN.  The makefile also checks out and builds
> libsoup, which is currently breaking.  I'm guessing the Evo folks will
> fix their side but I'm running into problems just building libsoup.

You can cc: yourself on
if you want to track their progress on that. Until then, you probably
want to update libsoup from branches/gnome-2-20 instead of trunk.

> The Ubuntu Gutsy system I'm on doesn't have a new enough glib to support
> libsoup 2.4 (it comes with glib 2.14.1).

Right, libsoup 2.4 is targeting GNOME 2.22, so it uses the version of
glib that will also be in 2.22, which hasn't had a stable release yet.

> The first issue is that the libsoup doesn't fail if it
> can't find a sufficiently new glib.

Oops, fixed now.

> so I checked out and built the latest glib from SVN.  That seemed to
> work OK, but libsoup does not build with this either.  I get the
> following:

Yeah, this is tricky. You need to set

  ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /opt/tmp/evotest/share/aclocal"

when autogen'ing, so that it picks up the new version of glib-2.0.m4
which recognizes "gio" in the AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0 call, so that libsoup
gets linked against gio too, not just glib and gobject.

-- Dan

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