Re: compile smaple source code

On 2/14/07, druidy long <druidyster gmail com> wrote:

I want to compile the source code under the tests directory in libsoup,
however I can't find a usable Makefile to use.
Here is the files I got in the tests folder:

/usr/ports/devel/libsoup/work/libsoup- 2.2.99/tests
mail01:tests # ls
./                     date.c
getbug.c                 simple-proxy.c
../                     apache-wrapper.c        dict.c
header-parsing.c        libsoup.supp            test-cert.pem
xmlrpc-test.c             apache-wrapper.h        dns.c
htdigest                revserver.c             test-key.pem             auth-test.c             get.c
htpasswd                simple-httpd.c          uri-parsing.c

eg. if I want to compile simple-httpd.c, how can I compile it?

You need to call 'configure' script that can be found in the top-level
source directory (possible with additional parameters depending on
your needs and wishes).
It will generate regular Makefiles from templates.

Andrew W. Nosenko <andrew w nosenko gmail com>

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