Re: [sigc] interthread communication library "sigx++" (crossposting)

Hey Milosz,

> We're now really looking at packaging sigx, and we found a few problems with
> the source package and have also a few requests:

Before you officially package it I still want to change the open_tunnel() API - in case you didn't need it yet it's because sigx++ does it normally under the hood. But it belongs to the public API and it's not good to change it later as I don't want to change the major version already at the very beginning. It would be great if you could help me to find a naming for those taking an explicit dispatchable.

> - dispatchables.cpp and tunnel_validity_tracker.cpp are missing an include
> of <glib/gtestutils.h>

Well, the assertion facilities moved from gmessages.h to gtestutils.h as I've just found out. The question is how to fix this - do you need backward compatibility or should sigx++ depend on glib-2.16?

> - There is no way to specify an own compiler with the build system; one
> fried of mine has problems building it with g++ 4.2.1, he's installed 4.3
> but has no way to point the build to it

I'll include this possibility.

> - A link to an SCM repository of sigx would be really nice

I know, I'm missing a SCM, too. I'm thinking about, or google - do you have a good suggestion?

> OK, it's a little lot at one time but you've gained some popularity here
> among a group of my friends because the library really rocks! It would be
> nice if you could fix the above problems, if you have the time.

Thanks for your appreciation! I will fix those things as soon as possible as I'm interested to have the library up and running, too.


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