Re: [sigc] g++ compilation problem

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 20:11 -0400, Mauricio Henriquez wrote:
> Hi to all:
> My name is Mauricio and I write you from Chili, I have some begining 
> question so please be patience with me, probably is only a simple 
> "include" compilation problem..
> I work with events in C# and java so I understend (I think :-) the 
> theory, but I have problems with some very simple libgsigc++ examples 
> (Fedora core 5, libsigc++2.0), I find the examples in some 
> libsigc++examples rpm paquage.
> The problems came when I try to connect a method from a object to a 
> slot, the compilation message is this:

your example code is using sigc++ version 1. that was superceded at
least 3-4 years ago by sigc++ version 2. you can easily tell the
difference because the namespace changed from SigC to sigc.

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