[sigc] Re: [gtkmm] Possible bug in SigC::Connection::disconnect()

Am 2003.11.23 23:59 schrieb(en) Ole André Vadla Ravnås:
I think I've encountered a possible bug with the disconnect() method
SigC::Connection (after several days of headscratching :-) ) To me it
seems like disconnect() doesn't clean up properly, and causes future
emit()'s on the given signal to make valgrind spew out memory-errors
at best, or, worse, which happened in my case under some
results in a crash (segfault).

I assume you made sure you are using the latest release of

Could you modify/simplify your test case so that it only uses
libsigc++ (not gtkmm) and open a bug at bugzilla.gnome.org?

The code looks perfectly legal to me.



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