Re: [sigc] How to use sigc::bind<>

Am 2003.11.10 08:03 schrieb(en) Jeff Franks:
Martin Schulze wrote:

Unfortunately, C++ doesn't allow us to specify default template
arguments for functions. Therefore, the number always needs to be
specified. Or does somebody know a trick to make the number optional?

But it lets you overload template functions: This works. I added the following three function template to <sigc++/adaptors/bind.h> as a test. I quickly tested each one with the example I sent you previously - and they all works Ok.

You are right, it seems to work! I'm surprised that the right function
overload is chosen automatically for bind() without the number! I hope
this is not gcc specific. I will commit this change to cvs. Should we
change to zero based argument counting for bind<#>, then? Don't forget
that this might cause even more confusion for people who use selectors
_1, _2, etc. from any lambda library or bind1st(), bind2nd() from stl.
I really don't know what will be more intuitive: 0,1,2... or 1,2,3...



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