Re: [sigc] sigc::bind<> argument copy error

Am 2003.11.09 09:11 schrieb(en) Jeff Franks:

The exact problem I'm having with sigc::bind<#> is this. It seems that sigc::bind<#> is trying to copy an argument which is a reference to a non-copyable object (G::IOChannel). The argument is not the argument being bound but one of the other expected arguments. When I comment out the private constructor for the object it compiles OK. Unfortunately, like Gtkmm, the object is part of a class hierarchy of non-copyable objects and the copy constructor must remain private. Here's the code:

adder_response(G::IOChannel& channel, G::IOConditionField condition, TestData *test_data)

TestData *test_data = new TestData;
G::IOSource io_source(channel, condition, sigc::bind<0>(sigc::ptr_fun
(&adder_response), test_data));

Could you please provide a test case that reproduces the problem?


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