Re: libseed-list Call a Vala Function from Javascript


So I tried using just JavaScriptCore however I didn't have much luck
(segfaults were the only results I got)

However I am using Seed and it seems to have gone a bit better, however
it is still not working 100%

The Vala code I am using is here:

The generated C code is here:

The Javascript I use to call the function is:

What happens is that when I call the function in Javascript, the
function in C/Vala is 'run' however it ends with a Segfault (contents of
which are below) and the string that is supposed to be "hi" ends up as


I guess to two issues as that the value in the callback in C, is not as
it should be ("hi") and that I don't know what I need to return from the
callback function (and when I try null, it doesn't work)

Can someone please help?

Thanks again


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