Re: libseed-list 3.0 Stuff

Where do I find webkitgtk-3.0? It's not mentioned on

What's new in webkit 3.0?


Tim Horton wrote:
So, I just switched us to Gtk + WebKitGtk 3.0 at the request of Diego and Frederic. This will require everyone to build WebKit, likely. (--with-gtk=3.0)

I'm also seeing an issue where if you build JSC HEAD with the JIT on, you get a crash on *every* call into JSC... so... I'm not using the JIT right now. If anybody else has this issue (or, more interestingly, doesn't), let me know! It would be good to fix this ASAP, but I'm pretty sure it's not our fault.

Also released 2.31.5 with somewhat iffy release notes (sorry! I'm in a hurry).

Uh... yeah... more when work allows.


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