Re: libseed-list SQlite Tutorial

Just some thoughts.

* always prefix variables with 'var' when you declare them as a habit, otherwise scoping can get risky later..
* it would be good to use a monospace font for the code.
* I'm guessing you are writing on a Word processer, as it's messing up the quotes / back forth etc. * See the array syntax below - this is normally used rather than setting indexes

**var music_data = [
{artist : “Saxon”, album: “Wheels of Steel”, popularity: 20},
{artist : “Iron Maiden”, album: “Iron Maiden”, popularity: 17},
{artist : “Judas Priest”, album: “Live In Concert”, popularity: 20},
{artist : “Saxon”, album: “Into the Labyrinth”, popularity: 23},
{artist : “Runrig”, album: “Once In A Lifetime”, popularity: 14},
{artist : “Simple Minds”, album: “Got Live If You Want It”, popularity: 4}
Alan Forbes wrote:

I've still to proofread this but I posted it just in case somebody is in
dire need for a Seed JavaScript SQlite tutorial :-)

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