Re: libseed-list Fwd: [Bug 610317] New: Provide a builtin dir() function

Apart from the rather awful name (When I first saw it, I expected it to scan directories) - A more generic function may be better..

Note: - this does not mess with prototypes, which can cause real nightmares..

Object.filter =  function(o, fn, scope){
           var ret = [];
           for(var p in o){
               if( , o[p], p, o, ret) === false){ return ret; };
	    return ret;

Object.filter(obj, function(v, k, o, ret) {
			 if (typeof(k) != 'number') ret.push(k);
      ).join(' ,');

It made me wonder how much of the JS 1.6 iterator support is available in webkit.. - never really looked at it, as it's been so mozilla specific before..


Tim Horton wrote:
Do people think this belongs on the Seed object (Seed.dir()) or should it be global? We were trying not to clutter up the global namespace, but making it global would probably make it more obvious for people coming from elsewhere.

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Just like in Python, this is doable in Javascript easily:

function dir(object)
   methods = [];
   for (z in object) if (typeof(z) != 'number') methods.push(z);
   return methods.join(', ');

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