Re: libseed-list Set uri of Gstreamer pipeline

properties are supported by setter/getter hooks.


pipeline.uri = url

is equivilant to

g_object_set_property("uri", gvalue_of_url)


 --- On 12/Feb/2010, alsaf wrote: 
> I've been trying to amend the Gstreamer video program from the set of
> examples supplied with Seed to a play mp3 file specified in a command
> line argument . I've googled and found a C example which works and it
> uses GObject to set the uri properties of the Gst.Pipeline to use it
> with the specified file. The C code is as follows:
> g_object_set (G_OBJECT (pipeline), "uri", uri, NULL);
> I can't find a property in the GST introspection file and the nearest
> I've found in the GObject introspection file is the set_property
> function but when I try to wrap the pipeline object to GObject via the
> following code, I can't 'expose' the set_property function to use it
> (apologies if I'm not using the correct terminology):
> gst =;
> gst.init(null, null);
> pipeline = new gst.Pipeline({name: "MusicTest"});
> gobject =;
> var temp = new gobject.Object(pipeline);
> I'm not sure I'm going about this the right way but I've been trying to
> get this working on and off for the past week and going round in
> circles. 
> Has anybody else been successful in doing something similar?
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