libseed-list Defining a gchar in seed?

I'm embarrassed to ask such a simple question but how do you define a
gchar variable in Seed?

The reason I am asking is that I have been mucking about with the GLib
library and get an error with one of the functions.

I've managed to get string functions working in seed by using the

glib =;
my_str = glib.string_new("test");
print (my_str.str);
my_str = glib.string_ascii_up(my_str);
print (my_str.str);

But when I try the following function associated with gchar;

text = "a";
text = glib.ascii_toupper(text);

I get the following error message:

ConversionError Can not convert Javascript value to gchar

But when I use the following command and use the Ascii value of 'a':

print (glib.ascii_toupper(97));

I get the value 65 which is the Ascii value of 'A'.

I don't have much knowledge of JavaScript so I done a quick quick and I
get the impression there is not such a char data type as such but you
can get it via the charAt() function. I tried the following code but got
the same error.

var string = "test";
a = string.charAt(1);
print (glib.ascii_toupper(a));

I appreciate it is something simple and grateful for any help given.

For reference, I've written some C code which shows the function working
#include <glib.h>

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
	gchar text;

	text = 'a';
	g_printf ("Old text=%c\n", text); 
	text = g_ascii_toupper(text);
	g_printf ("New text=%c\n", text); 


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