libseed-list passing a NULL-terminated array of Quarks

Hey Seeders,

Trying put together Telepathy bindings for Javascript, and I've started
with some basic introspection of telepathy-glib.

Here is a function I would like to call:
 * tp_account_manager_prepare_async:
 * @manager: a #TpAccountManager
 * @features: (array zero-terminated=1) (allow-none): a 0-terminated list of
 * features, or %NULL
 * @callback: (allow-none): a callback to call when the request is satisfied
 * @user_data: (allow-none): data to pass to @callback
tp_account_manager_prepare_async (TpAccountManager *manager,
    const GQuark *features,
    GAsyncReadyCallback callback,
    gpointer user_data)

Which has been introspected to:

      <method name="prepare_async" c:identifier="tp_account_manager_prepare_async">
        <return-value transfer-ownership="none">
          <type name="none" c:type="void"/>
          <parameter name="features" transfer-ownership="none" allow-none="1">
            <array c:type="GQuark*">
              <type name="GLib.Quark"/>
          <parameter name="callback" transfer-ownership="none" allow-none="1">
            <type name="Gio.AsyncReadyCallback" c:type="GAsyncReadyCallback"/>
          <parameter name="user_data" transfer-ownership="none" allow-none="1">
            <type name="any" c:type="gpointer"/>

I make this call in Seed:

var am = TpGLib.AccountManager.dup();
var q = TpGLib.AccountManager.get_feature_quark_core();

am.prepare_async([q], ready_callback);

And get this error:
** (seed:24252): CRITICAL **: ArgumentError. Unable to make argument 1 for function: prepare_async.


Danielle Madeley

Collabora Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

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