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On 2009.08.11, at 07:38, nicholas shiell wrote:

I'm a web dev by trade and I have been looking for a way to bring my _javascript_ skills to the Linux desktop for a while. This seems to be the solution I need. I am very excited, I have some questions: -

Are there any _javascript_ frameworks for seed in development?

Of what sort? Most of the web _javascript_ frameworks help with DOM manipulation and the like, which something you simply don't have to do with Seed. There are people using Seed with small parts of Django's _javascript_ *language* extensions (however this required the careful stripping of anything that attempted to manipulate the DOM), and we've copied some of these into Seed to be used (Array.filter/forEach/every/map/..., etc.).

Is it likely to be ported to KDE/XFCE, OSX & Windows?

Seed will never support introspection of KDE/XFCE/OSX/Windows libraries, so without manually binding these, you will never get a native UI on them nor be able to use their libraries. Seed is a _javascript_<->GObject bridge, nothing more. However, it does run on OS X (using X11 + Gtk to display the UI), and will work fine in a KDE/XFCE environment, just, again, depending on GLib and using Gtk for UIs). Nobody's put in the effort to get it working on Windows, but it could be done (again, though, depending on Gtk).

Would you like screen-dumps/code for things I use seed for?

We'd love to see what you're doing with it!

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