Re: Gee hashmap.h

I am sorry for late response.

On Mon, 2011-03-07 at 18:20 +0100, pierre-yves DENONFOUX wrote:
> Hello,
> I contacte you because I need the gee library to install an application.
> When I "make" this application, it ask me the file gee/hashmap.h. I try (and
> succeed I believe) to install the last version found here :
> But there is no .h but some
> .vala.

1. libgee is probably packaged in your favourite distribution along with
development files. If it is possible I would recommend to do it (unless
you know what you are doing).

2. Since some time, I believe it was around 0.3->0.5 libgee version,
vala compiler changed way of generating header files. Long story short
it stopped emulating humans and started producing at most one header
file, in case of libgee it is <gee.h>. So:
 a) If the program is written in vala (even if it bundled with .c files)
I would recommend to just try to regenerate .c files with 0.10.x vala
compiler (as vala is under development and it seems like usage from
'ancient' history it may fail).
 b) Alternatively change gee/xxx.h into gee.h and check if it succeeds.
If yes - great. If no - I'm afraid that without even knowing name of
program I won't be able to help.

> Did I do an error? Could you have a version to install with include files?

No. The current libgee is unlikely to work with vala version which
produced many headers.

> Thanks for your answer.
> Sincerely
> Pierre-Yves


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