Re: Gee Functional iterators - call for consensus

Sorry for late response.

To sum up the discussion:

1. A common parent interface for the Iterator and Iterable which returns
Iterator after calls to map etc. 

2. Add a few more methods (slice). filter/slice require fixing bug in
vala to provide implementation.

3. State explicitly in documentation when does the function finish (I'd
be grateful for any help here)

Open points:

 - Name of the parent interface. (Forallable? ;), Foldable?)
 - Should it be implemented as virtual or abstract methods. As I stated
I prefer C#/Haskell approach then Java and I'm inclined toward the
virtual methods[1].
 - Is there any other useful operations (tee?)
 - Should tee/unfold go into parent interface or stay in Iterator

I hope I will have updated patches to share by the end of weekend. 


[1] In this particular case when the operation is clearly defined by the
default implementation even if it is not necessary the most optimal one.

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