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Hello everyone,

I myself am an inkscape developer. Inkscape uses libcroco in its entirety. The story is that libcroco has been a very essential part of inskcape and as inkscape developers are focusing on standards compliance and code cleaning(c++ification!!!) and all, libcroco has also caught their attention for some time now. Previously another inskcape developer Bulia, introduced certain code fixes and patches to libcroco, but those changes remained in inkscape's own version of the codebase. I am including patches for all .c and .h which contains fixes(most of which are like including const in the code, standard compliance you see ;) ). So my question is, is ti ok to think that we can have some or all of these patches merged in the main code base stream line?? It shall be really good to introduce them, as most of these patches are generic and not specific to inskcape(excluding some). Bulia tried to get those patches upstream, but wasn't quite successful, I hope I shall be responded back, and we can have certain outcome of a chat  :D

Waiting for response.


Abhishek Sharma

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