Re: [libcroco-list] Adding CSS rendering support to Conglomerate using Sewfox


This is great news !

Even MlView doesn't have the support of the latest CVS version of Sewfox
yet ;)



Selon David Malcolm <dmalcolm redhat com>:

> I've added an experimental CSS renderer to Conglomerate using Dodji
> Seketeli's Sewfox library - I'm cross-posting this to both projects'
> mailing lists.
> If you grab the latest CVS conglomerate and sewfox and configure
> conglomerate with "--enable-sewfox" you should get an extra menu entry
> "Tools->CSS test view" which brings up a window containing a Sewfox
> SXBoxView of the current document (the relevant code is in
> conglomerate/src/plugin-css.c)
> It uses a complete hack of a "docbook.css" regardless of whatever
> document type you're editing.  Hopefully someone who knows CSS can put
> together a nice free stylesheet for rendering DocBook (a quick google
> didn't find anything).
> For that matter, my new code is a complete hack too :-)
> But it does seem to do something; hopefully I'm using the sewfox API in
> the correct way.  Don't have any kind of update/change notification at
> the moment.
> Thoughts?
> Dave Malcolm
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