Re: [libcroco-list] About CRStyle datastructure

Dodji Seketeli wrote:
Today, CRStyle does not actually define all the standard css2 properties
because ... we are not there yet.
Working on the layout engine (in sewfox) requires a tight integration
with the CRStyle class. So I keep going back and forth between libcroco
and sewfox.
Furthermore, changing CRStyle all the time will make it hard to reach
ABI stability for libcroco in a mid termed future... and CRStyle *is*
going to change a lot !
Last but not least, CRStyle is useful for xml/css layout, which is the
job of sewfox.

This is why I'd like to move the CRStyle struct and its management into

If you don't have anything against this I'll go for it in the coming
Are the current users of libcroco not using CrStyle in their code ?
If they actually use it need they will now depend on libsewfox?
I don't know if it is actually a good idea, maybe a separation between libcroco-parse and a libcroco-style would do it. Anyway there will certainly be other renderers than libcroco ( an svg renderer for example ) that will need some parsed property and not just a pair composed of a property name and of some CrTerm's.


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