Re: [libcroco-list] How to build a CRStatement from buf?

>How to build a CRStatement from buf then? Or how to build each kind
>of union of CRStatement? 

For the time being, you cannot.
The parser builds it for you when it parses the entire stylesheet.
I didn't take the time to write anything more because I haven't needed
it myself and no one has never asked for it.

I think I will provide you with methods that allow you
to parse the different kind of css statements:

A good thing would be to write a generic cr_statement_parse () api
that would be based on the apis stated above.
I think this should solve your problem. Do you think it is enough ?

If yes, could you please fill a bug in so that
1/ I can remember easily what I have to do without going throug
the hassle of rescanning this mailing list
2/ so that anybody willing to join the libcroco project can just go
on bugzilla and add these api (I seriously doubt on this really happening though)

If not, tell me exactly the kind of api you want.

Thank you in advance.


gnome xml editor:
gnome css2 parsing toolkit:

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