[libcroco-list] How to build a CRStatement from buf?

cr_om_parser_simply_parse_buf() parse a buf and build CRStyleSheet.
This is convenient function to build CRStyleSheet from buf, directly.
And libcroco provide some of similar APIs to build object from buf.

How to build a CRStatement from buf then? Or how to build each kind
of union of CRStatement? For instance, CSSStyleSheet::insertRule()
just given a buf to be CSSRule. W3C says that the parsable text
representing the rule. For rule sets this contains both the selector
and the style declaration. For at-rules, this specifies both
the at-identifier and the rule content. You can read full spec here

I'm implementing CSSRule on base of CRStatement. So ::insertRule()
is just a matter of how to build CRStatement from buf, directly.
You can read the code of implementation; impl_insertRule(), here


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