Re: libchamplian with local betwork server

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 11:57 AM romeo <romeo petruca perosoft org> wrote:

Working with libchamplian on a new project.

By default libchamplain work with openstreetmap online.

Working with local renedering on big  OSM file is very slow.

Can i speed up map showing for local rendering ?


what kind of local rendering did you use - in libchamplain local rendering map sources using libmemphis is more or less just a proof of concept and not really suitable for production. But if you have some external tool to render png tiles on the fly, it should work without any problem. If you create the map source the same way as in the demo, you might want to set a higher number of parallel network requests using

(the default is 2) so your renderer can start rendering more tiles in parallel.



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