Re: 180 meridian. Glade

Dear Jiří!
I can't find words to express you and your team respect for development of this library!

I would like to join development, however I don't have enough experience.

I, unfortunately, spent a lot of time for a choice between Perl, Java and JS for creation of cartographical appendices.

And only quite recently I started studying GTK+, having understood that will only give C the speed and confidence.

Rather small quantity living on the 180th meridian. Yes, there is more water, than earth. But there is a lot of transport - airplanes, vessels - cross this meridian, and the tracks crossing it interest many.

20.07.2015, 23:05, "Jiří Techet" <techet gmail com>:
On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 12:21 AM, vlpoliakov <vlpoliakov yandex ru> wrote:
May be possible in future release?
Sure if someone implements it ;-).
Jonas and me were trying to implement this feature in the past
but there were many problems we discovered on the way and it would need more work to do it right. I expect it will take one week of work to finish this feature - not because the amount of code would be too big but because there are many coordinate conversions on the way that need to be done right and it is hell annoying to do.
I may do it myself in the future but every time I start looking into it I eventually get demotivated by the amount of work that needs to be done compared to how minor this feature is (there's the ocean at 180 where nobody lives)...
Patches are super-welcome...

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