The most irrelevant bug report ever ;-)

Hi Jiri,

I just wanted to draw some attention to the fact that the map behavior
becomes very poorly defined when you try to drag the map view off
*both* edges of the map. When you just go off one edge of the map, it
snaps back onto the map in a really pleasing, kinetic way, but if you
go off both edges, it usually only snaps back in one dimension, not
both. The dimension to get snapped back seems to be defined by which
dimension was further away from the map edge, so you can amuse
yourself by trying to "walk" beyond the edge of the map by doing an
extreme  drag in one dimension and a small drag in the other
dimension, repeatedly, to see how far champlain will let you get off
the map.

(As you can tell I am having a very productive day filled with only
the most important of tasks ;-)


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