[ANNOUNCE] libchamplain 0.12.2


this is a quick release with workaround for the issue that
libchamplain fails to "make distcheck" with newer vala versions:


The problem is that

1. with vala 0.15 it is required to include cogl-pango-1.0 to generate
the vapi files
2. vala 0.14.2 doesn't ship with cogl-pango-1.0 (but it is required)
and the generation fails

The workaround is to

1. include cogl-pango-1.0 during generation so it is possible to
generate the vapis at least with vala 0.15 (thanks to Alexandre
Rostovtsev for the patch)
2. not to regenerate vapi files during make distcheck and use the
pre-generated ones so make distcheck doesn't fail on systems with vala

This means that the switch --enable-vala, which re-generates the vapi
files, will now work only on systems with vala 0.15. But since most
people don't need to generate the vapi files by themselves, they can
use the pre-generated ones shipped with libchamplain and they'll have
working vala bindings too.


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