libchamplain on ubuntu natty with python bindings


I'm in the process of architecting / designing an upgrade to an application that requires features to display
things on maps. This will be written in GTK+  and python. Our development environment is Ubuntu Natty.
I'd prefer to stick to most standard things where possible, but libchamplain on natty is version 0.8.1 and
the (type of) python support and API has changed since then. So it doesn't make sense to start using this
old API to only upgrade it in the very near future. Besides, 0.10 fixes bugs and adds more features that
we'd like to use.

I have successfully built 0.10 on ubuntu as well after some necessary changes to the build process to get it to compile.

My question are:

1. how I could generate the GI repository bindings for python for that particular version, so that I can
    start using that version.
2. Or.. alternatively, is there a source where I can get the software from so that upgrading in the future
   may be less painful once ubuntu repositories are upgraded?


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