Re: libchamplain 0.8 python bindings

Am 21.10.2010 11:13, schrieb Patrick Salecker:
 Am 21.10.2010 10:15, schrieb Lorenzo Masini:
I couldn’t create GtkChamplainEmbed object, but it looks like its a
PyClutter problem, I have problems with other Clutter parts in Ubuntu
10.10 too.
I don't know if this matters: did you installed the package

No, I didn’t, but it doesn’t help.

The problem can be cut down to two lines and ends with a segfault:
    from gi.repository import GtkChamplain
    self.embed = GtkChamplain.Embed()
Did someone managed to use libchamplain 0.8 in Python, with Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04? I didn't found a workaround, so I can't use a release newer than libchamplain 0.6.

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