Porting launcher-gtk.py to gobject introspection


I am trying to port the demos launcher-gtk.py to use gobject
introspection. But I seem to be unable to grok the introspection

So I copied both launcher-gtk.py and markers.py to a directory from an
old version of libchamplain and renamed everything to use the
introspection. But my code fails on this kind of line (in markers.py):

     marker = Champlain.marker_new_with_text(
        "Montréal\n<span size=\"xx-small\">Québec</span>", "Serif 14", black,
I tried with Champlain.Marker("…") but it did not work,
Champlain.Marker.new_with_text did not work either.

Can someone explain me how to do this ?

(°> Nicolas Évrard
( ) Liège

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