Re: libchamplain displaying GIS files.

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 22:11, Guillemin <guillemin bafferon gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a geography student who use mostly gnome and feel that there is a
> real lack of free cartography and GIS program using nice GTK+ frontend.
> As far as I know, libchamplain focus on displaying nicely tiles from
> raster maps. Is there any plan or possibility to see it evolve to
> display standard GIS vector files (such as shape files or KML) ?
> Thank you for your answers and for your work on libchamplain.

Hi Guillemin,

libchamplain has a fairly flexible system of map sources and renderers
now. What a renderer does is that based on coordinates it renders a
bitmap tile which is then displayed by libchamplain. We already have
one renderer that renders tiles from vector data - it's a renderer
based on the libmemphis library
( which
renders tiles from OpenStreetMap vector files (in OSM format). I would
expect that there already exist similar libraries for SHP and KML (do
they?). So if there is a library that creates bitmaps from the shape
or kml files, it should be fairly easy to integrate it into

In the next release I'd like to concentrate on the frontend side of
libchamplain so this is not my top priority now but of course I will
gladly accept any patches if someone wishes to work on that.


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