Polygon regression?


I have the following function

static void add_a_polygon(ChamplainView *view)
        ChamplainPolygon *polygon;

        polygon = champlain_polygon_new();
        champlain_polygon_append_point(polygon, 56.2250, -3.4229);
        champlain_polygon_append_point(polygon, 56.2250, -3.3282);
        champlain_polygon_append_point(polygon, 56.1769, -3.3282);
        champlain_polygon_append_point(polygon, 56.1769, -3.4229);
        champlain_polygon_append_point(polygon, 56.2250, -3.4229);
        g_object_set(polygon, "closed-path", TRUE, NULL);
        g_object_set(polygon, "fill", TRUE, NULL);
        champlain_view_add_polygon(CHAMPLAIN_VIEW(view), polygon);

This was working a few days ago (with libchamplain 0.4.3), however it
seems an update to 0.4.5 has broken this.

Now when I launch the application I get a segfault

(./map:11880): Clutter-CRITICAL **: clutter_cairo_texture_create: assertion `CLUTTER_IS_CAIRO_TEXTURE (self)' failed
Segmentation fault

Same problem hits the polygons.c demo program from the
libchamplain-devel package.

It seems to be the 

	champlain_view_add_polygon(CHAMPLAIN_VIEW(view), polygon);

line that triggers it. If I comment that line out, the program runs.

Is this a bug or does this work differently now?

Environment is Fedora 12, x86_64 64bit.


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