Shared Tile Cache on Maemo


Till Harbaum has informed me that Maep and Maemo-Mapper have agreed to
standardize their tile cache on the Maemo platform.  Let's be good
citizen and play along :)

Tiles should be saved in /home/user/MyDocs/.maps instead
of /home/user/.cache/champlain.  I will change that path only for
libchamplain when built for Maemo.  This will take effect in the
upcoming 0.4.4 release when built with --use-maemo.

Folder names will be: 
      * "OpenStreetMap I" for Mapnik tiles 
      * "OpenStreetMap II" for osmarender 
      * "Opnvkarte" for the public transit map 
      * "MapsForFree Relief" for the terrain map 
      * "OpenAerialMap" for when it becomes available

Reading the code of ChamplainCache, libchamplain should play nicely with
tiles downloaded by other applications.  It will automatically try to
update them 7 days after they have been downloaded.  In such case, the
update will most probably result in a new tile being downloaded where
libchamplain downloaded tiles could result in nothing being transferred
(if nothing has changed, because we save and send ETags in our HTTP

The only problems I see are the champlain_cache_purge function and
database size. Purge expects tiles to be listed in the database.  For
the 0.4.4 cycle, I wouldn't recommend people using it on Maemo as it
would simply partly delete the cache.

In the long term, all maemo tile users should have a common way of
storing etags and clearing the cache.


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