Planning for 0.6 release


thanks for everyone's comments. Based on your responses I've decided
to do the following:

1. As I haven't seen any strong opposition to having libmemphis
support optional, I have committed my build changes. @Victor - I have
rebased my branch on top of mainline, which also includes your branch
+ my modifications of it (not sure if they were correct). I hope this
won't be too big complication for you.

2. Regarding the planning, I'd like to make a release of 0.5.2 in
about two weeks, which would be the last of the 0.5 series and which
would serve as a release candidate for 0.6. I'd like to release 0.6 a
week after 0.5.2 if nothing gets wrong. This means that python
bindings might be released together with 0.6. In any case if any of
the bindings won't be ready for the 0.6 milestone, they can be
released together with any subsequent 0.6.x release.



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