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On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 10:43 PM, Jiří Techet <techet gmail com> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Hi  Jiří

First I would like to apply the patch I have proposed here

which makes it possible to compile libchamplain without memphis
support. Please let me know if there is something fundamentally wrong
with it or if it complicates bindings preparation. Otherwise I'm going
to apply it.
I haven't had the opportunity to work on the project for a while so I can't comment too much yet. I'm guessing that making memphis an optional dependency will make the bindings easier to do.
Second, I'd like to know from the bindings maintainers what the status
of their bindings is and how much time they expect it will take to
update them for 0.6. This will influence further planning. If I'm not
mistaken, the maintainers of current bindings are

Victor - Python
Emmanuel - Perl
I've been quite busy with my relocation and the birth of my first baby. I'm planning to continue working on the Perl bindings in May. This bindings are always "delayed" because of the unit tests; I think that only the Perl bindings have tests.
Usually Pierre-Lic was doing releases without my bindings since I was always releasing them in CPAN; which is the place where all Perl developers expect them to be. Furthermore, the Perl bindings are not even integrated into the build system because no one knows how to do it.

Tomaž - Vala

I'm not sure about the status of the "managed" bindings. Are they
still being actively maintained? If not, I would consider removing
them from the distribution.

I've been thinking of removing my bindings from the main repo and to add them to their own repo. Maybe I should use that approach.

In the past it happened many times that we didn't made the release deadline. So having a separate repo with separate release dates could be a good thing.
Emmanuel Rodriguez

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