ChamplainMapSourceChain ref_sink in champlain_view_set_map_source

Hi everyone,

I'm porting the 'local-rendering.c' demo to python and I get the
message below and some 'segfaults' when I set a
'ChamplainMapSourceChain' to the 'map-source' property in 'view':

** ( CRITICAL **:
champlain_map_source_get_tile_size: assertion `CHAMPLAIN_IS_MAP_SOURCE
(map_source)' failed

After some investigation, I think that problem happens after the
'g_object_ref_sink(source)' in 'champlain_view_set_map_source', line
2476. So, I changed g_object_ref_sink to g_object_ref and my code
works properly without any message.

There are any reason to use g_object_ref_sink or why that happens? If
someone can help me I will appreciate that. I'm using Ubuntu Lucid
Beta 2.

Victor Godoy Poluceno

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