Getting started using libchamplain


I would like to use libchamplain in an app I'm writing for the Nokia
N900 (Maemo 5/Fremantle) device. I've compiled and installed the library
itself (version 0.4.0) and have tested the examples. They all run, but
none of them download any maps.

Taking launcher-gtk as an example, I can zoom, change the map source,
add/remove the marker layer, but no matter what I do, or how long I
wait, no maps are downloaded. Is this something missing from the

I did once see the "loading" icon/button appear at the top-right of the
screen, but have not worked out how to get the code to emit the
notify::state signal that is used to show this button. Obviously showing
the button itself isn't all that exciting, but I presume it's indicating
that the code should be downloading/connected/etc.?

Any thoughts as to what I need to add to the example, or something I've
missed out?

Many thanks,


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