Re: segmentation fault - champlain_map_source_factory_get_default

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Colin Clark <cclark mcb net> wrote:

I'm getting a segmentation fault from somewhere in libchamplain. The situation seems to be:

1 Create a view
2 Delete the view
3 Create a view

e.g. if I insert the lines:

view = champlain_view_new ();

at about line 203 in launcher-gtk.c

It seems that on second entry to  champlain_map_source_factory_get_default, instance is not null, but doesn't point to a valid memory area.

Sorry for the poor description, but I don't have much of an idea about what I'm doing with this kind of programming.
Could you isolate this into a simple C program that does only what's needed for the crash? This would help for tracking down  the problem.

Colin Clark..

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