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People have been asking me, when is 0.4 going to be released? My
answer is when the 0.4 features and bugs have been fixed! Directly,
that means, that there should be a developer release (0.3) when the
following features have been implemented:

557641 	enh 	Smooth movement to a new position
568931 	enh 	No disk cache management
571702 	enh 	Host application should be able to limit the maximum and ...
572377 	enh 	Draw routes/lines
574809 	enh 	Provide a way to make visible a bunch of markers
576055 	enh 	Implement advanced markers

Nice to have (but optional)
576054 	enh 	Should display available tiles while downloading new ones

With these API changes in, we could then concentrate on fixing these
bugs (which could be fixed in the mean while too!):

571863 	maj 	Memory leak
575133 	maj 	Position lost on zoom out (from level 7 to 6)
573937 	nor 	Support proxies
575139 	nor 	Corrupted map when double clicking at max level
558177 	nor 	center_on + setting the zoom level can give the wrong result
558020 	min 	Unwanted wrap effect when panning at zoom level >= 8

Of course, before releasing any thing, I'd let some times to the
bindings to updates the bindings to the current API.

The general idea is that 0.4 will happen before Gnome 2.28 (aiming to
be an external dep).  Ideally 0.3 should happen soon (2 months) to
allow developers to port their apps to the new API before Gnome 2.28.

Help is greatly appreciated implementing these new features :)


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