[weekly report] week 9: Local map rendering in libchamplain

I started to learn for my exams in August, that's why my progress is
slowed down a little. Last week I added an API to query and edit rules
to Libmemphis (not visible in the git shortlog) and exposed these
features in libchamplain. The MapDataSource now provides a bounding box
of the area with valid map data. The local-rendering demo received a lot
of GUI updates, but not all new library features are available yet.

$ git log --pretty=short --since=2009-07-20 | git shortlog
Simon Wenner (12):
      Fix GFileInfo leak in delete_dir_recursive
      Libmemphis: Sync to revision 129
      Add functions to edit the background and rules
      local-rendering-demo: Hide unrelated widgets, add background editi
      Add bounding box size check
      Share the error tile drawing between all map sources
      NetworkMapSource: Use champlain_cache_get_filename
      Add ChamplainBoundingBox (a boxed struct), add bounding-box proper
      Remove unavailable parameters from documentation
      Add ChamplainBoundingBox to champlain.h
      Add champlain_bounding_box_get_center
      local-rendering-demo: Use the bounding box to center the view


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