[weekly report] week 7: Local map rendering in libchamplain


The network-map-data-source is now in a usable state, but it still has
some issues and a proper error handling is missing. The MemphisMapSource
uses now the cache to store the rendered tiles. I added an optional
session id to the cache database. This id enables managing multiple
caches per data source (e.g. for different styles) and the deletion of
all cached tiles of a session on demand.

git shortlog
Simon Wenner (12):
      Refresh tiles on new map data
      local-rendering-demo: Add button to request new map data
      Fix memory corruption when multiple files are downloaded and
      local-rendering-demo: local osm files don't affect the network
      Use proper debug messages
      Add session-id column to the cache DB
      Add champlain_cache_get_filename to reduce code duplication
      Add caching of tiles in ChamplainMemphisMapSource
      local-rendering-demo: Delete tiles in the cache if a new data
      launcher-gtk: Fix type warning
      Fix segfaults in sqlite on multicore systems
      Remove the CacheLock mutex


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