[LaTeXila] [ANNOUNCE] LaTeXila 2.3.0


LaTeXila 2.3.0 is released! This is not a stable release (the stable 
release will be the 2.4.0), but there are no major modifications, so 
it's quite stable.

The big new feature of this release is the spell checking. It uses 
GtkSpell. It's far from perfect, since the LaTeX commands are not taken 
into account, but it works.


About latexila

LaTeXila is an Integrated LaTeX Environment for GNOME, written in

The main features are:

- Customizable buttons to compile, convert and view a document in one
click. Latexmk is used by default, but Rubber and the "low-level"
commands such as pdflatex can also be used.

- LaTeX commands completion

- Document structure to easily navigate in it

- Symbol tables (Greek letters, arrows, etc)

- Template managing: a few default templates, creating personal ones,

- Easy projects management

- Some menus and toolbars with the principal LaTeX commands


- Spell checking with GtkSpell
- Build Tools: add XeTeX -> PDF with Latexmk
- Improve figure environment insertion
- Templates: better icons
- Added Esperanto translation
- Updated Swedish, French and German translations
- New CMake option: VALAC
- Switch to Vala 0.14


http://download.gnome.org/sources/latexila/2.3/latexila-2.3.0.tar.xz (601K)
  sha256sum: 717087b96b232aaa20ff8da4daf6950e8b793aa5216d2eb26dc880d12f06b6a4

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