[LaTeXila] Moving to gnome.org

Hello everyone,

Some of you already knew that I wanted to move to gnome.org. But nobody, 
included me, knew _when_. It seems that now is a good moment, because 
the new version approaches (hopefully released at the beginning of 
July), and it would be shame to make the migration after the release.

First, LaTeXila was hosted only on SourceForge (SF). But Git on SF is 
not really good. So for the second version (the rewrite in Vala), the 
code and other services like bug reports and feature requests have been 
moved to GitHub (GH). But SF is still there for several services: web 
site, downloads, and obviously this mailing-list (ML). What is missing?  
Translations obviously! There is no service for the localisation (l10n).  
Some projects use Launchpad (LP) for that. But I didn't want to open a 
Launchpad project just for the translations, because a third place would 
have been too difficult to manage.

gnome.org (insert a nice abbreviation here) is a good platform. This 
article [1] makes a good summarise. Right now, the web site [2] and the 
Git repository [3] have already been migrated. Tomorrow I'll make the 
request for the bugzilla, the ML, the l10n and copy the tarballs. I 
consider to create also a wiki, so the web site doesn't require to be 
modified often.

The GitHub repository won't be closed, because creating a fork, make a 
pull request, and so on... are convenient. I'll remove all the branches 
and keep only the master one on GH. Anyway, creating a fork from another 
branch is not a good idea, because I make some 'push --force' on them 
(except for latexila-* and releases-* obviously).

But GH is not absolutely required for code contributions, because the 
bugzilla is also convenient to use: we can write annotations on patches, 
interactions with Git is possible [4], etc.

When the new ML will be created, you will be informed. This one will be 
closed, but I don't know when.

Stay tuned,

[1] http://blogs.gnome.org/johannes/2010/06/04/why-gnome-org/
[2] http://projects.gnome.org/latexila/
[3] http://git.gnome.org/browse/latexila/
[4] http://blog.fishsoup.net/2008/11/16/git-bz-bugzilla-subcommand-for-git/

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