Re: Cooperating on .defs API specifications

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 22:01, Owen Taylor wrote:
> If the .defs files are supposed to describe the GTK+ (etc.) interfaces,
> it really seems strange for me to have them maintained independently
> of GTK+.

That's probably because of historical reasons. However, there may also
be some specific things among languages but those specific parts could
be handled by the language code generator

> Why not have .defs files, and generate the binary info from them? The
> .defs files are already there, and they contain more information than
> the headers do (well, comment parsing might change that, but you could
> create comments from the .defs files :)). Just an idea...

I would be interested to know what are the informations the .defs file
have that the header don't. Maybe a more precise deprecated field, but
out of that ?

Xavier Ordoquy.

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