gtk2-perl api change request

The gtk2-perl team have found a few places where we messed up our implementation of the convention chosen in mid February for our version information APIs. These need to be fixed before the stable versions ship, or we will be forever stuck with the mistakes, which are confusingly inconsistent. Therefore we ask permission to break API freeze for the following functions:

  These need to be changed from lower-case to all-caps:
    Gnome2::GConf::check_version    -> Gnome2::GConf::CHECK_VERSION
    Gnome2::GConf::get_version_info -> Gnome2::GConf::GET_VERSION_INFO
    Gtk2::Pango::get_version_info   -> Gtk2::Pango::GET_VERSION_INFO

  While we're at it, we'd also like to add these four for consistency:

By convention, the all-caps versions deal with the version that was available when the bindings were compiled, and lower-case versions deal with the actual version used at runtime. Some libraries, such as gconf, don't provide the run-time information, so having the lowercase form around is misleading and incorrect.

None of these functions have yet appeared in stable releases.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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