Re: GNOME Platform Bindings 2.5.2 tarballs needed

Murray Cumming Comneon com said:
> So, will we get new perl binding tarballs?

i usually do releases on thursday nights for hysterical raisins.

this week i'm planning a 1.022 release, to fix a build issue that occurs when
there's a really old version of gtk2-perl already installed on the system (the
'use base' versus direct @ISA thing discussed earlier this week).

our current cvs stuff is undergoing a massive test harness overhaul, so there
are no betas (1.03x) of Gtk2 or Glib yet; probably next week.  gtk+-2.4
support is blocking on the public release of gtk+-2.4.0.

this week i'm also planning to make Gtk2::GladeXML stable and put
Gnome2::Canvas on the 0.9x beta track.

i'll let kaffee speak for Gnome2.

by the way, if none of these are up by the time you go to grab tarballs, take
whatever's listed as current on the project summary.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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