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The language-bindings gnome org mailing list is now ready for use (thanks
to Martin Baulig for setting it up).  The subscription list has been
migrated, although some user settings such as digest will have to be set

The existing archives have also been migrated to (which
produces nicer html archives, and have searching capabilities).  Once
things are settled, the old list on can be deleted.

Here are a few things to get discussion moving again:

Setting up a web site for language bindings (
  - documentation on how to write language bindings
  - documentats on how to write LB friendly APIs
  - defs file standard
  - links to all language bindings that want links
     - using Erik's page as a starting point?
  - Useful tools for LB authors

Revising defs format
  - what do people think of Ariel's proposed changes?
  - need more input from authors of compiled LBs that are using or
    planning to use defs format (eg. gtk--)
  - Anyone have any desired additions/simplifications?
     - Note that things shouldn't be removed from the spec unless no one
       is going to use them.
  - integrate changes into a revised version of the spec

On the second topic, there are a few extensions to the defs format I have
been using in my python bindings.  Both are extra tags that can be given
for parameters to functions/methods:
  (default "default-value")
    - provides a default value for argument, if it is ommited when calling
      the function.  If a parameter has a default value, then all
      subsequent parameters must also.
    - indicates that it is okay to pass a NULL for this parameter.  In the
      python bindings, you can pass None for parameters that have null-ok
      set.  If null-ok isn't set, then the user must pass an object of the
      type indicated for the parameter.

What do people think of these?


Email: james daa com au

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