Re: Have Opera Mail plugin (contacts, send email)

2010/5/24 Chris Parsons <cjparsons1 yahoo co uk>:
> I've committed the plugin to github:
> git://
> including some improvements suggested by Karol.
> Chris Parsons


Can I ask you to revisit your commit messages before we can merge this?

The log format that all git projects use (but the tool itself does not
enforce(!)) is this:

    <Subject line, not too long>

    <Change summary follows after a blank line>
    The summary is short an concise, maybe you don't even need one at all.
    Its lines are hard-wrapped.

A simple 'git log' in kupfer's repository should (hopefully) give good
examples for this, like this for example:

    PluginsSettings: object emit signals on settings changed

    PluginSettings object can inform sources about settings changed.
    Each source can now connect callback to PluginsSettings
    "plugin-setting-changed" signal by connect_settings_changed_cb
    method or connect method (with appropriate signal name).

    Co-authored by: ulrik (use _is_core_setting, add *args to connect

And since I'm now asking you to touch the changes again, can I request two
minor changes:

In the plugin description, instead of "Opera Mail Contacts and Actions",
use "Opera Mail contacts and actions" (Sentence case in descriptions,
title case in names of things. Confusing, but consistent with current

On line 115, instead of "Contacts from Opera Mail Contacts", use "Contacts
from Opera Mail".

It is up to you to decide if you want to squash together your changes to
one commit or not after these adjustments.

Thanks again!

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