Re: Website Proposal

It does really look very good. A lot better than the current website.

Thanks a lot ^^ I had a lot of fun making it and hope it transports well.
I wonder if we can get a new website hosted under,
and make it shared-maintenance (so that multiple people could
collaborate on it).

I've seen project Sites on seem to be able to apply custom Stylesheets so it would be really simple to set it up, how would we go forward with applying for a Project Slot like ? Who do we have to talk to to get one?  

Sidenote: A lot of the Gnome Project Pages could use a better Stylesheet, why is it that opensource transports to ugly layout so much? Where are the Inkscape Designers? I've been using Inkscape for less than 4 Weeks and look at our new Site ;) 
Otherwise I can put it under or

We sure could.
but I can't give anyone direct access to that (but we can share
git repositories for the website or so).

I understand your concerns of course, honestly i'm a total git-noob but im adapting stuff really quick (like Python atm ;) so that might be a good solution if we don't get a Project Page on

Why don't you start at the beginning? Yes, and when you reach the end... Stop.

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